custom workouts created ON ipad transfer to PC?

(damon lebeouf) #1

ive seen multiple posts talking about getting custom workouts created on a computer onto an IOS device, but nothing talking about moving them FROM an ipad to a PC.

I spent a good bit of time making a bunch of custom workouts on my ipad (ipad is portable so i built them all there) just to realize the workouts dont follow my account.  

how do i find the custom workout files on my ipad and get them onto my PC?

(Fnu Ashwani) #2

Once you’ve finished creating a custom workout, Zwift saves a .zwo file locally in that specific device. You just have to copy that .zwo file and paste it in your  Documents\Zwift\Workouts folder in PC. Any .zwo files you move to your Documents\Zwift\Workouts folder will be added to your custom workouts menu the next time you launch the game on your PC.

We have written an article, on how to import custom workouts (.zwo files) on different different platforms, including iOS devices. Please give this a read.

If you have any other questions, open a support ticket with us, and we’ll get back to you!