Creating and sharing custom workouts

HI Zwift Team,

Thanks for installing the custom workout tool in your dropdown menu, now that I have created a few workouts, it would be really cool if you have  search function where we can share workouts that we have created.  Or at least have a copy tool where I can send them to team mates etc.

Hi Anthony, all the workouts are saved as files in your Documents/Zwift/Workouts folder and if you’d like to share them with anybody just email them the zwo files.   

To add a workout to your zwift, simply download the zwo files into the same Documents/Zwift/Workouts folder and you’ll see them next time you fire up Zwift.

I know it’s not as seamless as what you’re asking for, but hopefully it’s good enough to get you going.


How can you do that on an iPad please?



Can it be done on an IPad?