Share custom workouts with friends on any device

(Simon Biss IBike) #1

I am looking for an easy way to share a weekly workout with my friends. We are using Ipads, Apple TVs or computers and every week one of us builds a workout then sends the zwo file to everyone else. Right now, that doesn’t allow for usage on both Ipad and Apple TV, which means those peeps cannot use erg mode. I know we could have a coach account on TrainingPeaks and then build all the workouts from there, but that sounds quite expensive for simply sharing our workouts. Is there an easier solution?

Thanks a bunch, you are awesome!

(Fnu Ashwani) #2


If you create a workout in TrainingPeaks on your calendar (Workout of the day), your workout will appear on Zwift. For this, you all will have to link your free TrainingPeaks account to your Zwift profile. Please visit our KB article for more instructions on this. This feature seems to be free in TrainingPeaks for now.

While TrainingPeaks doesn’t support .zwo file import, you may be able to create/covert the custom workout file into a TrainingPeaks supported file extension and share that file among all friends.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Make sure you link Zwift to your TrainingPeaks account.
  • Only BIKE workouts that are based on Duration and your FTP will work:
  • Only RUN workouts that are based on Distance and threshold pace will work:
  • Your TrainingPeaks workout must be for the same day that you will ride on Zwift.

(Simon Biss IBike) #3

Hello M. Ashwani and thank you for your answer,

this would be a good solution, but so far I am unable to convert my zwo files to an importable format for TrainingPeaks, do you have any tool for this?

Thank you!