Importing training Peaks workouts into Apple TV Zwift

Hi - I get training peaks workouts from my coach - I can export them in Zwift format.

I use Zwift in front of my TV via Apple TV.

How can I do my training peaks workouts that way - i.e. on my IPAD I have the worout file in Zwift format - but not sure how to get it to work on apple tv or if it’s even possible.  Doesn’t seem to be a way to import into Zwift app on IPAD or Apple TV.

Any help appreciated

If you have the workouts on your Training Peaks calendar and connect the account to Zwift it should, as far as I know, automatically add your workouts to Zwift. 

I use AppleTV and a free Training Peaks account linked to Zwift.

When I put together some kind of terrible mess I try to pass off as a workout on Training Peaks and add it to the calendar, it appears ‘as if by magic’ in the list of workouts on Zwift. You have to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the workouts list but it should be there under something like ‘Training Peaks Workouts’. 

Here’s somebody writing about the same thing I just did only a lot better than my effort.

Believe me, if I can get it to work, it’s exceptionally simple and idiot-proof.