Selecting Training Peaks Custom Workouts on Apple TV

I moved over to Apple TV (TVOS) a couple of weeks ago, after having used Zwift on my iPad for 9 months. The 4K Apple TV with Zwift is awesome! You guys did a great job.

I am having an issue though…

I have linked my Training Peaks account to Zwift so that my daily workouts are uploaded automatically to Zwift…into the TP Custom Workouts folder.

The issue is that if only ONE workout is uploaded for that day, although I can “open” the Custom Workout folder, I cannot “select” the workout…it remains greyed out even though it shows in the right hand pane of the window. If I upload two workouts for that day, I am able to “jump” over the first (greyed out) workout and select the second workout. After that, I can select either (first or second).

Thanks for your attention…

Same issue here and gets very frustrating. I have used the same workaround, to duplicate or add another workout for the day.


Thanks for the reports! We’ve documented this so the dev team can start looking into it.

I can’t even see one workout. I have one on my schedule for today, but it doesn’t show up. I tried logging  in twice (although that’s a bit of a mystery too – I was expecting a logout button somewhere. The only way that seemed to make any sense is to re-login as myself. 

Echo people above. Used iPad in the past. Now converted to Apple TV. Works great but can’t even find my custom WO’s created in TP… Any solution on this now? Have tried lock on/off etc. but doesn’t work :-/