I’ve ridden 3 Stages of Cobble Crusher but it says I’ve done 50%

Hi there

I just checked my progress of Cobble Crusher in the Zwift home page. Although I’ve ridden Stage 1, 2 and 3 ( I did stage 3 twice) .

All the tides show up in Zwift power, but the home page says I’m 50%.

I’m afraid I’ll loose my Cobble Crusher badge.

Could you please tell me what I’m doing wrong.

Thank you

This is known problem. not only the races.

a few other posts already up

Thank you for your reply

I am to assume it’s being looked into so it can be fixed?

I don’t think there has been a public response from Zwift about it


Thanks for letting me know. What do you think I should do, maybe stop asking questions here and hope they fix it?

It is currently weekend in the USA, I would suggest waiting till monday. Zwift is usually quick to fix these issues.

Ok thanks very much

I have te same issue on Cobble Crusher stage 3 and Spring Training stage 1. (I did both twice)

a billion dollar company doesn’t work weekends?

Same here

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There are functions of the business that are open over the weekend and there’s an on call system for anything urgent.

I’ll have a look at the issue with non credit tomorrow (I’m on holiday atm, we’re allowed to have those too).


Thank you for looking into this for us on your day off James


Our team are looking into this presently and working on a fix.


Nice! Thanks again

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Same here… I contacted Zwift on Friday and they had me do a bunch of things and my issue was not resolved. I deleted the app, cleared my cache, shutdown my computer and reinstalled the app - my progress bar still says 50% after completing 3 of 4 races.

First I was told, having Zwift installed on multiple devices could be the issue, so I uninstalled them, cleared my caches, restarted the other devices.

Then they said I need to calibrate my bike before each race (I always do as a good practice - I have Stages SB20 smart bike) - that isn’t the issue.

Then they asked me to completely uninstall and reinstall and I did that. My Zwift Techs were/are Braulio and Andrea P. Haven’t received an updated email today 4/24 from Zwift regarding all the troubleshooting they asked me to do.

I was scheduled to do CC race 4 last night but decided to post-pone it until this bug is resolved.

I just finished CC race #4. Recieved email saying I completed CC mission, But it still says 50% complete. Not wanting to go on and on about this. Just stating that it still isn’t fixed.


Add me to the list - just noticed I have not gotten credit for Stage 4 of Cobble Crusher (finished today) nor for the first Spring ‘23 Aerobic Rev Up workout (completed yesterday as a free ride workout and not a group ride).

Same here. Missing credit for one cobble crusher and one spring training.

Hey Kristen, I just spoke to support about this issue before seeing this post, even though one of my events is only showing 72% complete they confirmed I had completed the event with the required km’s required which was 146kms under the ‘Watch The Femmes’ event.They also advised the number of km’s I had completed since the event started on the 3rd April
I also received an email congratulating me for completing the the event too :rofl:
As my km’s were recorded officially that’s reassuring the events will be updated once they have fix as the backend data is there :grinning:

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