Coastal cruise problems

Hey there,

Today I was about to race the third Coastal cruise ride and I saw I only have completed 25% of the stages when I did the 2 previous ones.

Anyone else having that issue?

Hi @Theguy

Sorry to hear that you encountered that issue. I looked at your account and can see that you have ridden those first two stages, and that on our end it’s showing that you have been credited for them. If that’s still not the case on your end, please make sure that you’ve exited out of the Zwift app on all devices. Make sure that it’s not running in the background on any mobile device, including the Apple Tv if you use that. Restart the device you normally use for Zwift and then check again. It should be updated to 50% to match what our system shows.

If you’re still having an issue with that, reach out to our support team and we can investigate further.

Thank you John for your help but nothing at all have been fixed.

I will contact the support team then.