I’ve ridden 3 Stages of Cobble Crusher but it says I’ve done 50%

Hi Michael,

Thank you for your reply. I had no issues with Watch the Femmes, my progress was properly attributed. For Cobble Crusher, Zwift Support stated they could verify I completed 3/4 races but could not state if my finishing badge after race 4 would be awarded. I just received an email from Zwift and they have acknowledged this bug and they are working to resolve it.

Hi James.

When you get into work tomorrow, is there any way you could provide us with an update on the fix, as it’s still not working.

Also, with the fix, I assume we will get credit for all our future rides, but will the fix back date credits for ride already completed?

Thanks very much

Seems to be fixed. I have credit for stages 3 and 4 now.

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It looks fixed to me too.

I have done 3 stages and it says I’m 75%.

Well done Zwift

Hi, Even I have completed 2 workouts through Spring workouts 2023( Econ’s workout I have done twice), it looks like the progress it is not counted. Can you fix it?
Thank you

Likewise for me - there is another thread as well since it appears there are also issues with events not counting for the Cobble Crusher Race Series.

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The issues reported in this thread (and others) should now be fixed.

If you have not received credit for an event you have completed, please contact the support team.


Thank for your response. The problem look to be solved partial: I have done twice second workout in Spring Training 2023 on April 20 and second on April 24. Anyway, in Zwift looks like I have completed only

in April 20 and, at least for the second workout, the traveled km were not quantified….

Any chance you are logged in Zwift on more than one device?

Nope, Zwift on Apple tv and companion on my Phone….

As above.

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