Cobble Crusher - 3 of 4 stages completed, but progress only at 50%

Not sure how I get to complete the series at this rate. No clues which stage has not been included.

Same thing happened to me. I finished the third race yesterday and it still shows 50% complete. even worse, after the race I noticed that they won’t let me race D anymore. That will totally screw up my GC for the Month.

Thanks for the reply. Actually I think it was Stage 3, raced yesterday, that did not register for me as well. I was already at 50% before that race. Brain not fully in gear when I posted.

I wonder if it’s a race series problem, 1.34 problem or something else.

I believe I was on 1.34 already, but when I logged in on Thursday my Laptop did a small update. I figured that it was a patch for something. I have restarted everything, more than once. I’m thinking that little update caused it. Everything was fine before

All four stages completed. Completion email received. Zwift home screen still shows only 50% complete.

Same for me Tim, also for the Spring training series as well. No progress at all (mails received I did complete the workouts)

Hi, I have completed all 4 races in COBBLE CRUSHER. In the final result, I see only 3 races. Where is the error? Thank you.

For anyone still having this issue, please contact support who will be able to credit your progress for you.

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