I’m not moving since I subscribed

Hi there I’ve used my free 25k on zwift, subscribed to membership and now my rider has stopped moving, as I start to pedal she clips in but stays stationary! I’m kinda new to this so any help will be good!
I am using a elite muin smart B+, Bluetooth, Apple TV, and zwift and companion app on phone, worked ok up until I upgraded to membership. Thanks Elaine

Can you take a screenshot of your pairing screen? There really is no difference between “paid” and “free” aside from the game just not limiting your distance.

Same problem here. All connected. Rider looks ready but doesn’t move

You cut off the most important part. Can you post a pick of the watts that are being displayed while you are in-game.

What device are you running Zwift on?

There are no Watts being measured

Am using an Apple TV 4k, Tacx Flux and a Polar HRM

Do you see watts if you connect the Flow to a different app (Tacx has a couple).

Have you updated the firmware?
Did you calibrate the trainer?