I have been DQ on SZR autumn series

Hi all please can some advise me what’s happened, I took part in the racing series, I wasn’t Cheating but when I started the race my avatar took off and I eventually got up to speeds of 140kph this isn’t normal, but I didn’t do anything but ride my bike! I have been removed from zwift power for that race… can some help me please?

Post a rundown of your set could help in diagnosing your issue.

What do you need to know?

PC, Mac, ATV, iOS or Android?


Power meter?

ZPower/Virtual Power?

How you are connecting (BLE or ANT+)?

If ANT+ are you using a USB extension?

Any other info that could be helpful in assisting you.

I am going to ask @Gerrie_Delport to join in since you has more knowledge of racing.

This is a Zwift bug - they are working on it. The Whole SZR race was a disaster with 4 riders doing 100+ kph and most on different rolling resistance versions in game, rendering many like me (up to date) going backwards… lots to sort out here.

Type of power meter, and how you run zwift.

It sound like you had a issue with your power meter where it got stuck on a high power number.

I’m using mac with a tacx neo2t connected with Bluetooth I’m using the power meter from the tacx neo 2t avg power 2.7w/k

Avg watts for the ride was 202watts

What is the current version of the app that you are running?

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How do I find that?

Thank you

What device are you running Zwift on?

To help with that we need to know what device you are running on. I assume I phone or ATV

I run it on a imac

Find your log file and you can see the app version in the top.


This is how it look on a windows PC.


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I was also one of those riders yesterday. Except I am on Windows with ANT+ power from an Elite Direto. At one point I was at 98 mph doing 200W.

As far as I am aware, the fact that I am on Windows should mean I am on the latest version. I updated Zwift on Sunday.

According to support I was stuck in an “acceleration loop”. First time I’ve ever seen anything like this and you would only assume that it has to do with the new update.

I guess this is the race: https://zwiftpower.com/events.php?zid=232314 (click on LIVE to see the results before the DQs, you have to wait 13 seconds for it to update).

41km race and the first rider finished in 17 minutes, OP finished in 22 minutes and the rest finished in 58 minutes.

I’ve seen this bug before in one of the Yorkshire Tour rides/races. The rider is putting out a normal wattage but for whatever reason they are flying along at 100km/h. It can’t be a rider problem, it’s got to be some sort of bug in Zwift.