Zwift Racing League ZwiftPower issues

Hi, I want to sign up for a team to race in the ZRL tomorrow. I am having issues as I only recently bought a Wahoo Kickr v5 so ZwiftPower thinks my ftp is 320w when it is actually 170w (170w is 3.5w/kg) meaning I am forced to ride in the A category when I should be in the C category. Is there anything I can do to make me in the C category rather than the A?

Got a profile link there I can have a look at?

Can you send me your profile ID so I can look properly?

Found you - you’re definitely an A+ unless I’m missing something quite staggering.

They’ve changed turbo from one that gave BS readings to one that doesn’t (most of the time). Maybe you could DQ all their previous results too.

Good to see Coalition care about rider integrity too (tip: they don’t. It’s a marketing machine).

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Where can I get me one of these BS speed machines; my Neo 2T is crap :rofl:


It’s takes all about 3-5 seconds to look and thy and either guess something is going on. The rider is in current spring classic world tour/pro tour fitness or they have faulty equipment.

Dat 20wkg sprint though :heavy_check_mark:


But what can I do because I have a Wahoo Kickr 5 now and the stats are screwed so I cannot race in most events

Send an email to and let them know details of: your ZP ID/userID, your previous trainer and new trainer and date when you changed - they should reset your cat.


Ok thanks