I did climb portal-la Honda but Garmin shows Thio virtual cycling…

Ride 27.8k for 1 hr but ride saved on Zwift as 10mins with 4k. Please log as bug.

I did Climb Portal- La Honda today and it shows correctly in zwift. However in Garmin connect, the activity shows as “Thio Virtual Cycling” from Zwift. The elevation seems to be off as a friend shows 1700 feet for La Honda while Thio show 1400 feet. It would be nice to get credit for the harder hill because it was a grind for me. Im running the latest and greatest of all the apps. Any one run into something like this before?

I did a 5v5 race recently and everyone had truncated activities in Companion. Correct in ZwiftPower though.

EDIT: after some time the Companion data was corrected. Check back later.

I saw this issue as well but it eventually was corrected. Check back later and see if it changes.

Thanks Paul, yes it has corrected itself. Thanks

Thanks Paul.