I can not start riding in zwift

In a fist time, I can start riding in swift but can not in second time. I received a massage

“Unable to Launch Zwift App. Please try again.
If problem persists, please contact Zwift Support”

Thank you.

same here.  who do i call for help?

I also have the same problem. Can we get an update pls Zwift?

Also experiencing this on my mac air after this mornings update =(

Also experiencing this. I’ve restarted/shut down Mac, restarted router, as well as reinstalled the program, no luck.

Is everyone here having problems running a mac?  If yes I just updated my comptuer to 10.10 from 10.7 which was working last week and now it is all working again.  I hope that helps

I have the same problem. the weeks before it’s was working very wel.

I have a HP Laptop with 8MB ram, video cart AMD Radeon R5 M260 2GB en windows 8.1


after a few minutes zwiftApp.exe no longer works

Same issue here after 2 months of successful use

Hopely the solve the problem.  I have done everything to fix the problem to : reinstall the program, delete antivirus, direct internet with internet cable, update of my grafics video  card (erven It’s a new laptop)

Worked fine until the update…ugghhh.

good that we are not alone. hopely zwift solves this soon

Update: I upgraded my OS X software to the latest version from the Apple site and now my Zwift app is working.

I use a laptop windows 8.1

I use a Mac, have OS X software and upgraded my system but the app still isnt working.

If you’re under our minimum requirements (OSX 10.7), there’s currently an issue that’s causing a crash on launch. While 10.7 isn’t technically supported, we’ll be releasing a fix in our next update (hopefully this week).

If you’re not on OSX, submit a support ticket via bit.ly/zwiftsupport so that we can help you further. Thanks, all!