Unable to launch Zwift app (OSX 10.13.6) High Sierra

(John T) #1

Title says it all. There’s nothing else to report. Can’t launch on High Sierra, brand new computer. Message says please contact support

(Vincent W.) #2

Sorry to hear that John!

Are you still unable to launch Zwift? If so have you tried doing a complete uninstall, then reinstall from https://zwift.com/download?

(John T) #3

I uninstalled and did a new install. Problem persists.
This may have been caused by a migration to a new Mac. But you would think that a complete uninstall and reinstall would resolve any migration issues.

(John T) #4

FYI. I was away for a week. I’m back now and I still can’t get Zwift to run.

(John T) #5

Hello? Anyone in support?

(Ralf Martmann) #6

I do have the same problem on Mac 5K with macOS 10.13.6 and it persists since Sunday, November, 18th.