Unable to launch Zwift App. Mac 10.11.3 (El Capitan)

(Matt Greenwood) #1

My Zwift app suddenly will not launch. I have been using it and successfully upgrading for over a year on this macbook. I was able to ride last week. Suddenly, last night, the app refused to launch. I have reinstalled the application, to no avail. Any suggestions?

(Lin) #2

Are you launching Zwift from the Dock? If so, maybe remove/delete it from the Dock and then launch it directly from the Applications folder. If that still does not work. I would try an uninstall and reinstall.

(David Coleman (C)) #3

I had the same problem after installing the new update. I tried reinstalling to no avail.

Then I ran an update for El Capitan (to 10.11.6) and it now works fine.

I think that may be your best bet.


(Matt Greenwood) #4

This worked. Thanks!

(David Coleman (C)) #5

That’s great, happy to help.