I am I missing a prize Kona Mission

I finished, luckily but it still shows one box not received on the mission challenge. I received an on screen note saying the mission was accomplished and it shows up on badges. I don’t have Shiv so I can’t tell if I received paint scheme. I may go run another mile but I did 54 mile bike yesterday plus 7.5 running and did last 4.5 mile run this morning to “finish.” I don’t want to go back out and do one more mile. Help!

Same thing happened to me and a bunch of others, all you need to do is contact Zwift support and they will square you away (don’t forget screenshots): https://support.zwift.com/contact/contact-us-HJH8N4RNQ

probably a bug …

Seems to have happened to me too. Last run box is not checked. And no paint job for my shiv. But I do find my run tri shirt and all the other stuff in the run and cycle garages. Must be a bug.

Happened to me, too. I’ve killed myself this week working with the bugs. I have my activity in the companion app to verify that I unlocked the shirt and paint job to complete the mission. I’ll use that as my screenshot when I reach level 18 (still level 16) if I have issue.

Looks like I did get the paint job after all. Didn’t realize I needed the Shiv Disc (had the S-Works Shiv) to see the paint job. All happy now :slight_smile:

Same thing happened to me. I actually had the unlocks, got on the next day and they were all gone.