KONA mission

I don’t get my last ride update on Strava. I did save my ride and did choose to put it on Strava. But day after it still not where. And I did ride more than 100 miles but I didn’t get 100 miles jersey! And on mobile devices application it still show only 153 km from 182 I really did …
Yesterday I did ride 182 km more than 112 miles to complete KONA mission! I did get at 20 level !l But now I see I no mission done !! Like nothing did yesterday! Just 0 ! Zero miles ! At KONA mission!!? Why ? Days before after accepting challenge KONA mission I did KONA TT RACE! And yesterday I saw same 0! Zero km ! So I did 182 in one ride! But today I see nothing again! I made a lot of pictures and videos! TO improve I did it !
I’m really sad about it. I even didn’t ride today like I wanted coz I saw I’m still level 19 ! And all hard work I did yesterday gone !!

You can only complete the Kona challenge once, are you trying to complete it multiple times.

I also completed the mission, got the confirmation on the screen during the ride, but the ride did not upload, so I manually uploaded it to Strava here:


When I log into Zwift it says that I am still 60km short as the ride didnt upload.

I made a case with support and have not had even a response to say they got the ticket.

Can anyone from Zwift look into this? I have put in the effort and would like a chance at winning the bike the same as everyone else that completed it.


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You should get an email when you complete 25%, 50%, 75%, and when you complete the entire mission. I did at each end every step of the way.

It almost sounds like you had internet issues which prevented it from uploading to Strava and maybe Zwift.

I’m going to tag @Vincent and see if he can assist you.

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I did get the confirmation of 25% and 50% and I got the on screen confirmation of completion… but something went wrong and I didn’t get the final confirmation

Same happened to me tonight. Ride finished, didn’t auto load to Strava, i even got the popup confirming the completion of the Kona 112 Mission. Logged back into Zwift and had my mileage where I started before my latest session. So, I manually uploaded to Strava and submitted a ticket to the support team earlier tonight. Even handed them my .fit file. Follow Michael on Strava to see this activity. Join for free.

I hope I can still be in the running for the prizes - they are pretty cool.

Yeah, I am pretty bummed that I wont get a chance to win the bike as support has not even responded to me, so I am guessing the draw will take place before they even take a look at my ticket.

Wow, doing the full 112 miles in one go is an achievement in itself. It could have been done over various days but all in one gho is fantastic.
Well done

Hey @Drew_Jarvis sorry for the delay! I looked for your support ticket and couldn’t find it unfortunately. Your Strava activity is showing up either. Are you able to upload that activity again? Or is it on your my zwift profile?

Sorry, it was sent to followers only, I have set it to everyone being able to view.



Ok, we’ve added you to the eligibility list. Thank you for your prompt response!

Thanks Vincent, I appreciate your work on this, ride on!