Huge battery drain on Macbook

(John Hepburn) #1

Without power attached to my 2012 Macbook pro I can only manage ~45 minutes of riding from full charge… I stopped today after 43 minutes with only 5% battery left.

Seems a bit much, i can manage around six hours of watching video!

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #2

Hi John,

Just an FYI: running a 3d application is many, many times more resource intensive than watching video. Zwift has far more in common with running, say, World of Warcraft than Netflix. With it not plugged in I am surprised it lasts that long.

On the higher-end specs (where Zwift looks amazing), the video cards themselves require their own dedicated connection to the power supply. Welcome to the wonderful world of modern 3d gaming :slight_smile: