Zwift IOS Power Consumption

I expect that you are working on this, but it would be nice if the Zwift IOS (and ZML, actually) power consumption were not so high. With my IpadPro (IpadMax?), even when plugged into the mains, my battery level will draw DOWN by 5% per hour while Zwifting. I guess that I could decrease my screen brightness, but I really do not want to do that … I really worry what ZwiftIOS will do to my iPhone when I am in a gym. I expect that I will need to bring a spare portable battery for gym riding? Thx. #zwiftΔriding

Just make sure it is at 100% before starting.

If it is dropping by 5% per hour why are you worried about that? How long do you plan on using Zwift? You would need to be using it for over 15 hours to be even concerned about running out of battery power.


WBR-24 has just passed … Also, as stated, very worried about what happens in a gym where one may not have a plug. It is not good to have apps (Zwift Game, ZML) that are battery killers … #zwiftΔriding