Mac Battery

(Jeff Rich) #1

With the mac software, I was finally able to try out zwift. When starting, my battery was at 89%. I rode for 7 minutes, battery dropped to 47%.

I’m running on a MacBook Air with Yosemite.

(- mr stan) #2

Just tried it out for the first time today on my Mac and here’s what I can report:

Macbook Pro (Late 2013)
OS: OSX Mavericks

Battery went from full to about 12% after riding for 1 hr

devices connected: stages power meter, mio link heart rate monitor
while listening to music playing in iTunes with bluetooth headphones

(Aaron Deutsch - BMTR) #3

Dudes, why are you trying to run a graphically intensive game on battery? That’s insane.

(John Scott) #4

yeah…plug it in

(Christopher Pallotta) #5

Sounds about right. I have a MacBook Air also and I always keep it plugged in when I use it for my trainer. AC power: one of the few benefits of riding indoors!

(Mike Wood) #6

It’s fair enough saying plug it in - but I will agree it seems to consume a lot of power even just waiting at the login prompt. Like my CPU fan starts running at full tilt for the duration the application is open. (2012 MacBook Air i5 8GB). I got about 35 mins from 100%->3%. I can live with the power cord but the fan and the laptop cooking might make me think twice about a 2hr+ ride.
BTW love the app. V cool. Looking forward to some varied intervals/KOMs in there.