2015 Macbook Pro Ant+ battery Issues

I used to be able to ride for 2 hours on my 2015 MacBook Pro using Ant+ and Wahoo Kickr. Suddenly now my battery power goes down to 50% after 30 minutes. And suggestions? I already lowered by screen brightness.

2015… It’s possible you might need a new battery. Have you checked your battery status/health?

You can check with option-click of the battery icon in the menu bar.

You can also check via System Information. Option-click the Apple icon on the menu bar and select System Information. Then:

Lastly, in the Zwift settings, there is Laptop Battery Saver setting. You might want to check and/or adjust that setting. It will lower the performance (fps) but save/increase battery life.

Hi Bob,
Why not use the power supply when using Zwift?
It might even run better using the mains power.

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There have been a lot of posts such as this and doesn’t matter how good the battery/laptop at the end it was always, run it on power. Zwift is GPU intensive and that will drain the battery fast. Always.

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