Zwift Hammering MacBook Pro Power

Starting a few weeks ago (I have been Zwifting since April of 2016) I discovered that even though I am plugged in to my power supply, when I run Zwift, my battery level on my relatively new (2020) MacBook Pro would start tanking. I only discovered it when the whole thing shut down because it hit 0. I have tried different power supplies, they all do the same thing. Today I did a two hour ride and was down to 47% on the battery from 100% at the start. I figure that means I only have about 3.7 hours or so before my MacBook dies while riding Zwift! That’s a plenty long ride but, I have done longer! I could be wrong, but I seem to recall this started AFTER the last iOS update to Ventura (13.0.1). Now, I chatted with Apple support today and they said that since it seems to be only associated with Zwift (and so far, it is: I will do an RGT ride tomorrow just to confirm that) that I should reach out to them (which I have). But has anyone else had this problem, or am I all alone?

I typically use a 2021 MacBook Pro 14". With the stock power supply it successfully charges while riding. I’ve done 6+ hour rides in Zwift with it.

I would suspect something is wrong w/the MacBook. If you’re plugged into power, there is no reason it should shut down while running.

One other suggestion: do an SMC reset