Power Hungry

Did the Acadamy sprint ride this morning, 20 min warm up and an hour fide and 56% of my battery gone in little over an hour. Anyone else having this issue?

Zwift has always been extremely power hungry for me. I always plug in my laptop unless I’m doing a very short ride (<45’or so).


The vibrant in-game graphics seem to be a sure fire reason that battery use is so high.
I’ve noticed Zwift tends to pull all the power it can get from whatever device is being used to support all its features, especially on iOS devices.

One thing I’ve learned is that by making sure the charging cord is the ticker/heavier one designed for the iPad, things charger up faster and more efficiently. Also leaving devices plugged in while playing is always an easy solution, as well as disabling any other apps that are running at the same time that might be sucking power!

Hope this helps :slight_smile: