iPad - Huge battery drain v[1.68]

Battery drained from 80% to 15% in 2hrs - see battery health screenshots.

Zwift for iPad Version 1.68 (130844).

Hi @Nicholas

Shuji at Zwift HQ here. Thanks for the screenshots - those are always helpful to show what you’re seeing on your end.

We looked at your logs on the server end and noticed that you’re running that iPad on battery power - is that correct? Being able to ride for 2 hours on a super nice M4 iPad Pro 13" seems like pretty good battery life.

Question for you: we looked at your saved activity images. The screenshot at ~90 minutes of activity and at ~2 hours both show battery indicator at 35%. Were you plugged in to AC power at some point, or did the battery level somehow not drop during that time?

Hi Shuji,
I was running on battery power the entire time and not plugged in at any point. Those activity images were from a different activity?
Below are some screenshots from the activity in question, in chronological order:

Related activity duration / Battery level:
10min / 75%
26min / 65%
1h44m / 30%

And by the time I’d finished at 2h10m it was at 15%.

What was strange was the battery was reducing in 5% increments, whereas it normally reduces in 1% increments. Not sure what’s going on!

Those activity screenshots you posted from another 2hr recent activity show how little the battery normally reduces - I’m never plugged in to power when using the iPad and in the screenshots you posted you can see that between 1h33m and 2h0m the battery hasn’t reduced at all.

@Nicholas I have the same problem. Battery completely empty after a two and a half hour ride - despite the darkest screen setting. iPad Air 2020.

Why not run it off a charger, that’s what I do if I use my Galaxy tab 7FE, even the laptop i run plugged in

Because it wasn’t necessary before and, in my opinion, shouldn’t be necessary now. Sure, it would be an “emergency solution”. But it would be better if the problem could be solved. :wink:

Hi @Katrin_Moller_HB

Shuji at Zwift HQ here, thanks for your report as well. I merged your post from its original location to this thread already under way. I’ve flagged this up to the team. We may need more context from you to help troubleshoot.

Q for you and @Nicholas

  • Is your iPad the model that is capable of using cell data + WiFi, or WiFi only?
  • If cell-capable - are you using cell data to connect to Zwift? Which carrier are you using?
  • If using only WiFi for data connection - please confirm.

Hi Shuji,

The iPad is WiFi + Cellular, but it always uses WiFi when running Zwift.

Hi Shuji,

If it helps, the 2 things I did differently on the ride in question were:

  • Purchase a new frame (S-Works Aethos) then equip that frame with the Lightweight wheels and use that setup for the ride, and
  • Begin the ride by doing a Portal Climb and then after exiting the Portal continue free riding for a further 2hrs

Also, I’ve just checked old Zwift screenshots and it seems it was around September 2023 when the battery began reducing in 5% increments instead of 1% increments. A ride on 12 September 2023 showed reductions in 1% increments, whilst the next one on 20 September 2023 showed reductions in 5% increments. Since then, it has always been 5% increments.

Hi Shuji,

Same here:

My iPad Air is WiFi + Cellular, but I always use WiFi.

Ok, thank you both for providing more context. We ran a quick test at HQ and noticed higher battery consumption too. We’ll update this thread as we have progress to report.


We have tried reproducing this on several other iPads and were not able to. This tracks with the very small number of reports here on the forum, which is a good thing for those unaffected.

@Nicholas we investigated this, and found this discussion on the Apple developer’s forum. Apple confirms that they intentionally changed reporting from 1% increments to 5% with iOS 17, so this does not help us diagnose the higher drain issue that we’re still investigating.

In the meantime - please consider plugging your iPad into AC power, or a USB power bank for your longer rides so you don’t risk losing progress, XP, campaign credits, etc.


Please check Ipads while avatar is moving thru firts RGV sprint segment.

Hello Shuji,

OK, thanks for your efforts anyway. From now on I’ll ride „plugged in“ and hope that the problem will perhaps disappear as suddenly as it came with one of the next updates.

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I’m having same issue on iPad Pro. It’s not just battery though, it’s higher cpu or gpu usage. There are big drops in fps and Zwift is not running as smoothly as it used to. Yesterday I did 2 hour ride on Tire-Bouchon in France and after one hour fps started dropping massively. I had around 5-10 fps dropping to around 0.5-1fps when robopacer with bunch of people were passing by. Framerate returned to normal when streak celebration screen appeared.

To amend my previous post, I’m certain that unexpectedly high cpu usage is the cause of battery drain. I found reports in system settings. Let me know if you want these reports, because I’ve got couple of them.

Edit: I share app reports with developers, so you should be able to find it in Xcode :slight_smile:

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That makes me more convinced that this other report is the same issue as this one

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Big drops in FPS seem to become „normal“ since the lasr update, Not shure if its only in France (which I ride a lot these days)…