Hub update 5 can’t see Garmin speed anymore

Had the Hub for a couple of months and all worked beautifully. Paired to Apple TV with Garmin Fenix 6 Pro providing wrist based heart rate.

I also connect the hub to the Garmin Fenix for Power and speed/cadence to record my indoor ride rather than uploading Zwift to Garmin as I get better fitness metrics that way.

Anyway, all fine until I updated the firmware to 5.2 and now my Garmin watch cannot see the Hub speed. My wife’s Hub right next to me has not been updated and I can still find that when searching for sensors.

The watch can see the Hub as a trainer but no good connecting it that way as wrist based heart rate does not then get transmitted to Zwift (a known long-standing bug).

Is there a way to roll back the firmware?

Bumping this to see if Zwift are aware of issue since latest Hub update?

Same here.
Before the latest firmware update I would dual record sessions with my Garmin edge 530, connecting the Hub to it as Speed/Cadence sensor and Power meter
Since update v5.2.0 the garmin only connects the power meter sensor, it no longer connects sdp/cad sensor


Great to know it is not just me, thank you!

My workaround which I’ve just tested is to connect to Garmin as a Trainer only and disconnect power.

I have to then use a chest heart rate strap rather than the watch wrist based heart rate but it then records miles, power and cadence. I have to start the session as ‘free ride’.

Shame to have to wear a chest strap but if you are using an Edge I’m guessing you are doing that already so hopefully that will work for you.

Hopefully a further update will fix it as I’m sure they have not meant to stop transmitting speed and cadence.

Same here. Even tried to disconnect all Edge 530 Sensors, restarted edge too… but speed does not show up?

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Same fir me with Edge 530

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Same here. I have already contacted zwift support, but they are unable to provide any solution. In the lates message, they wrote: *“If the option to transmit data to your Garming watch was available in the last update, as you may know, with updates multiple thing changes, meaning that with the new one, that option is not available, as you were asking, you can wait for any new update to see if this can be available one more time”.
still pushing for a solution.

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That’s a poor show from Zwift.

An update shouldn’t make something worse.

Same here. Glad to know I wasn’t the only one. It is really frustrating because I do see the zwift hub speed if I use Golden Cheetah and Zwift but perhaps Zwift isn’t using the speed output. My Garmin 935 watch doesn’t see the Zwift Hub Speed/Cadence output anymore but it did at some point. Is this a bug in the firmware update?

Quick update.
Zwift came back to me with a replacement HUB (just arrived). Everything works perfectly so far (garmin connects to Ant+ sensors: power and cadence/speed). Will check BLE connection this afternoon.
From firmware POV, HUB runs on previous version 4.0.1 as Zwift paused the rollout of 5.2.0 due to some issues (hope they will fix also the Ant+ cadence)

Yes it is definitely the update 5.

I have two Hubs and luckily my wife didn’t update hers and all connects correctly.

That’s how I knew it was the update as we could test my Garmin on her Hub / her Garmin on my Hub to rule out hardware issues.

Hopefully if they are aware then they will update the update.

Presume they didn’t change your Hub just because of this issue?

Does the latest October v5.2.2 firmware fix this, no release notes as yet?

I can confirm V5 2.2 does NOT fix the speed / cadence issue.

HI @Ken_Shewry

Shuji at Zwift HQ here. I’m skimming through your server logs for the past fwe weeks. Can you confirm this is the Garmin Fenix 6 Pro Solar Edition watch you own?

Lower on the specs sheet, I noticed this part about the watch broadcasting heart rate of ANT+.

I’m no expert on Garmin watches, but over the years, they’ve made fitness watches that 1) broadcast HR data only within their own app ecosystem 2) broadcast HR data to third party apps like Zwift over ANT+ only, then more recently 3) broadcast HR to third party apps over both ANT+ and Bluetooth. I’m not sure where you watch falls over this timeline. Would you know (or have you contacted Garmin) to verify which of these applies to your watch?

As far as my end - I can ask if the Hub FW updates changed the ability to pair HRM data to the Hub so the Hub can relay it to the game app. Would you verify that’s how you’ve been using it?

Or do you pair your fitness watch to the game via the Companion app, which is the way people who don’t own a Zwift Hub have to do it?

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Hi Shuji,

Yes that is the correct Garmin watch i use.

To clarify though:

Previous versions 4 and below of Hub connected to the Garmin watch using add sensor as Power, Speed/cadence and Trainer all seperately (I think via ANt+). We do this as the fitness metric on the watch which we wear 24/7 are better getting the data directly this way rather than uploading the Zwift ride to Garmin.

If connecting Trainer alone then Garmin does NOT broadcast HR data (at all) so must use a Garmin HR strap.

If connecting Power and Speed/ Cadence to Garmin then I CAN transmit HR data direct to Zwift via BT. I do not need to bridge via companion app.

So my wifes hub still on version 4 has Power and Speed/Cadence to Garmin for own data gathering. Hub transmits as normal to Zwift (via Apple TV) and Garmin watch transmits HR data via BT to Zwift.

All good on V4 and below.

But since update 5 and later V5 2.2 the Hub does NOT transmit Speed/Cadence to the Garmin. Still transmits Power and Trainer but not Speed / cadence.

My workaround is to connect Hub to Garmin as a Trainer but that means I have to wear an HR strap to transmit to Zwift.

The fix is to get the Hub to transmit the three separate fields again, Power, Speed/Cadence and Trainer.

My wife does not like to wear an HR strap due to obvious body differences to a man so we cannot update her Hub until this is fixed. This is frustrating as the new Zwift virtual controllers / shifting and 10hz race mode look good but we can’t get them without going to V5.

Thanks for trying to help!

I think you deserve a fix for this issue, however your wife could consider using an arm band HRM if you want to go ahead with the firmware update, given that the fix might be a long way off. The Coospo HW706 works well for me, is not expensive, and appears to give similar readings to my Garmin chest strap. I’ve stopped using the chest strap entirely.

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Hi Paul, that’s a great shout, looks good and as you say not expensive.

I’ll give it a couple more weeks to see if Zwift can fix it but that gives us a great option if they don’t.

First post here, hello! I just wanted to say I have exactly the same problem. I use my Fenix 5 to log my Zwift rides and my watch stopped receiving speed from the trainer profile with the same v5.2.0 update (the latest didn’t fix this for me either).

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Hi all,

first post here as well and same issue after the update on all Garmin devices. Tried getting speed/cadence onto a Forerunner 255, a Venu 2 and a Garmin Edge 510. Power works for all of them, but none of the rest. Kind of a bummer, because I’m using Garmin Connect to have an overview over training. Imported .fit files aren’t showing power there, and won’t be taken into consideration with Garmin’s daily training suggestions.

Would be nice to have a fix pretty soon.

Is there a way of making sure Zwift are actually dealing with this?

I tried using web support and had a helpful ‘community helper’ but it wasn’t escalated to Zwift HQ and there didn’t seem to be a way of bypassing that system.

@shooj are you from Zwift HQ? If so can you confirm they are actively looking at this issue? Many people now reporting it and should be an easy fix given all previous versions of Hub worked perfectly with all Garmin devices.