Zwift Hub Speed to Garmin

I prefer recording my ride with my garmin devices. I currently use a wheel on trainer that transmits the speed, cadence, and power to my garmin device as well as Zwift. I want to change to a swift hub one for various reasons. I cannot tell from the specs if speed will be transmitted to my garmin devices by these with the zwift hub one. I can use my forerunner 945 or my edge 530. Is there a way to capture in game speed on an external device?

I went from a Tacx Flow to the Hub One. I too prefer to record my sessions directly with my Garmin.
Here are my observations thus far:

  1. The Hub only broadcasts as a Trainer. It does not separate out speed, cadence, power or control as data streams.
  2. If you connect with your Garmin BEFORE you connect with Zwift, Garmin will be controlling resistance.
  3. If you connect with Zwift AND start your activity before connecting with Garmin with the trainer set to Free Ride on the Garmin device…there will be a brief “hiccup” in resistance when the Garmin connects but then Zwift will take over again.
  4. One last point: I have the Hub One. So, it relies on virtual shifting. I have not had a chance to completely isolate the behavior and why it occurs but sometimes when I do as mentioned above: start Zwift, Connect to Hub, Start Workout in ERG mode, then connect Garmin I can do the workout with ERG just fine but once the workout is over, I don’t have virtual shifting if I want to ride a bit longer.

Other than this everything records in Garmin as expected as well as Zwift. Of course, the distances will not match and the elevation does not report in Garmin but you can manually correct this after the ride.