Huawei Mediapad M5

(Low Wei Ming) #1

Did anyone have the same problem like me? No music at main title?
Ride with reason right side shoe invisible
Bluetooth cadence sensor sometime no signal/or only read 1 rpm while spinning. Sensor : Giant ridesense Bluetooth

(Godmother Fox) #2

well, you are lucky guy ! :slight_smile: I’m jealous :slight_smile:
I hate that “welcome song” and as I run Zwift from on AppleTV there is no way how to switch it off (have to mute my TV).

(Cougars Claws5338) #3

Same problem here.

(Low Wei Ming) #4

I just curious, cause other device got music, my don’t have

(Low Wei Ming) #5

Ok ok, I not the only 1 XD
Maybe something do with the device firmware