Huawei m5 and p30pro Bluetooth issues

Hi all,

I bought a huawei m5 media pad especially to run zwift as its a recommended device. It connects to hr and tacx 2900 no prob. I have a shimano duraace dual sided powermeter, which I firmware updated to emit a Bluetooth signal (was just ant+). Huawei M5 connects no prob, but drops signal almost immediately meaning I can’t use pm reading (which is different to smart trainer watts btw). I assumed this was a Zwift issue, but its not. Downloaded zwift on to my old Samsung s7. It connected and worked 100% with my power meter and zwift. Has anyone else had similar issues? I have a new huawei p30 pro also. It also acts up with Bluetooth. Any advice appreciated. Cheers. Mark

Have similar issues with a M5 lite 10" 4gb. The bluetooth connectivity with Zwift is really hit & miss.

Connecting to a Kickr18. Have no issues connecting to the Wahoo utility app on my android phone. Issues with M5 even when all other bluetooth devices off, including phone, and Kickr in search mode.

Sometimes it pairs immediately, sometimes it’l search forever and see nothing. Even the damn squirrel gets annoyed. Quite often it’ll pair to the power & controllable parts and then almost immediately show no signal. Pairing cadence then is impossible. It’ll see nothing.

In then end, with all the recent mini-updates I ended up uninstalling and reinstalling the app. Paired ok this time, but don’t know if that will carry on!