Huawei mediapad m5 and elite direto

Hi all, i have an elite direto trainer which has replaced an old mag trainer.
I can get the trainer to sync with the huawei for the elite app for configuration and setup via Bluetooth.
When i then go to zwift it doesn’t appear as a controllable trainer.
Again using Bluetooth connection.

Any suggestions.
Should i revert to ant +?
The huawei only has micro usb connectivity but note tacx offer a dongle on the web. But theyve been bought by garmin so limited tech support.

Any ideas suggestions most welcomed.

I used a Huawei MediaPad M5 with the Elite Direto on Zwift without any issues. I’m sure it was set up with Bluetooth but it may have been Ant+. There was no need for a dongle though. Sadly dropped the M5 and broke the screen which eventually packed in and I replace it with a Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 which doesn’t have native Ant+ but does work on Bluetooth