HRM for Tacx Neo

(Luke Moscrop) #1

Hey, any recommendations for a good HRM to use with Zwift on Tacx Neo.

Will the TICKR HRM work fine?

Sorry if that is a silly question just don’t want to spend the money on the wrong thing.


(Paul Allen) #2

The better question is what device is running Zwift (AppleTV, iOS device, PC or Mac), it really doesn’t matter the trainer.

Oh, and the Tickr will work fine regardless of device that is running Zwift since it’s duel band (both ANT+ and Bluetooth).

(Luke Moscrop) #3

Thanks Paul. It’s on a Mac currently 

(Paul Allen) #4

Then the Tickr will work fine.

(Luke Moscrop) #5

Cheers. Appreciate the advice

(E ddy Slow) #6

I’m in Australia and bought a pretty cheap HRM on eBay:

It was AU$26.50 including postage vs $137.00 including postage for the Tickr.

It’s bluetooth. Works no problems.with my iMac and my Apple TV 4K, and I have linked it using Zwift Companion App on my iPhone. All easy.

I haven’t checked its accuracy, but when I ride harder the number goes up and when I ease up it gets lower. And it seems about right.