Tacx HRM dont buy!

My partner and I on tacx neo (which is great product) have replaced tacx hrm with kickr x hrm, and now problems are gone! Tacx with apple tv 4k often stopped working, or did disconnect during ride, etc. Our advice take a kickr x, it just works!

Do you mean the Wahoo Tickr X: https://www.wahoofitness.com/devices/heart-rate-monitors

Yes, I mean the Tickr X. Shane Miller also did a review of different HRM devices and found out Kickr X is the best option. I trust his reviews. All his advice happened to be correct :slight_smile: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jIgBnqM8114

I have actually had better luck with the Garmin Tri HRM.

A lot of issues with chest belt HRM is actually issues with the belt and not the transmitter itself. The belt that comes with the Polar H10 is really nice, and available separately if you don’t want to buy the H10, which is really nice too.

But I have like 6 HRM’s and which one I use depends on what I’m doing. :crazy_face:

Does that mean you can use different belts on the same HRM, the Kickr x? I have the feeling the Kickr belt is not the best one on the market, but it works so much better than Tacx HRM belt. With that one you have to be really sweaty or when you start often wet it again and again, Kickr X so far produces no problems at all. I also notice Zwift shop is no longer selling Him from Tacx, only Kickr, so perhaps it is an Zwift software issue (at least when you use Apple TV 4K (as we have experienced). Ride on!

Yeah, a lot of the transmitters have identical spacing. These are my Polar H10 and PowerCal transmitters. The H10’s contacts are slightly more recessed so it doesn’t unsnap as easily but otherwise they’re identical. I use a H10 belt with the PowerCal because the one that came with the PowerCal is really narrow and slips easily. The H10 belt has little anti-slip rubber thingies that prevent that from happening.

I don’t have the Wahoo Tickr X but I hear the belt is good, too.

Btw, the Wahoo HRM is the Tickr. The Kickr is something else (trainer).


Thanks so much! And thanks to point out difference between Kickr and Tickr!

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