I think my wahoo tickr HRM is interfering with resistance changes - can anyone help?

Hi all

Been running zwift via Apple TV 4K and my tacx flux s for 2 months no problem at all. The tacx provides the power, cadence and controllable.

I picked up a wahoo tickr for HR monitoring last week and Over the past week I’ve had issues during rides where the resistance doesn’t seem to change for hill climbs as it once did. For instance an 8% gradient would feel easy whereas previously I’d really really notice it.

Anyway, today I rode without the tickr HRM and low and behold resistance changes were really noticeable again. 8% gradient felt very challenging etc.

Anyone any idea as to why this may be? And any advice to resolve?

I’ll ride tomorrow and not use the HRM again to really test out some hills.


Thanks all

Bluetooth interference? Also make sue the Apple TV isn’t grabbing the HRM as the controllable trainer source, I’ve seen reports of Apple TV being a little tricky with how it “remembers” your connections. Another thing is you should always force quit the Zwift app after every ride.


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Hi mike

It definitely would seem from my testing today that it’s Bluetooth interference from the HRM. The tacx shows in controllable not the HRM so I’m unsure on that front.

I tested today using both the Apple TV and iPad and not using the HRM and all was fine. Soon as I connected the HRM, even with the iPad, no resistance changes up hills.

I remember reading ,in another post, about a Zwifter having the same problem and he put in a new battery in his HRM and he was able to use it without the interference.