Beginner and new setup

Hi My first time here so take it easy on me.

I’m new to indoor training and pretty unfit and overweight, but not that makes much difference to my query below, just hoping it will encourage me to get doing some structured exercise.

My original plan was to link the trainer (Tacx Neo2T) up to a mid 2011 21.5" Imac, but it wouldn’t connect the bluetooth version is too old. So I have set it up with an Ipad, eveything is linking well except for HR monitor, I have tried an old Garmin HR strap and a Fenix 5 neither of which I get get linked to Zwift. I have searched this forum and the internet but not resolved the issue yet,

I have tried disconnecting the watch and the chest strap from everything else as Ive seen advised, but still no joy, I know the chest strap works as I can connect to the watch as an external HR monitor. I’m guessing it’s because the HR strap will only connect Via Ant+ and also assuming the IPAD (Pro) a few years old, doesn’t support Ant+ but cant understand why Zwift wont pick up the Watch when I broadcast HR vi Bluetooth?

Any suggestions? also any tips if I buy an additional Bluetooth Ant+ Dongle for the Imac would that help get it all connected using that.


Both of those broadcast HR in real-time using ANT+ and Zwift on iOS is Bluetooth only.

You could put an ANT+ dongle into your iMac since the HRM and the NEO both support ANT+.

If you want to use your iPad you would need a HRM the broadcast in Bluetooth like the Wahoo Tickr or others.

Correct on your current HR strap as it is Ant+ only.

Are you sure the F5 broadcasts?? If it does, and it is not seen it could be a proprietary protocol. And if it does broadcast…sure it is BT??

You have a an iffy option: Ant+ dongle…inexpensive on Amazon…for your iMac…note that your graphics engine may be too slow for Zwift nowadays; so why I call this iffy.

Better option: Get a Ant+/BT HR strap. Tickr or whatever…costs a bit more than the dongle above but will work on any platform. Or get the adapter to use the Ant+ dongle on the iPad.

Best option: Get a laptop/PC with decent graphics engine and an Ant+ dongle. PC or iOS based but go Ant+. More costly but Ant+ ecosystem is much more reliable IME and for vast majority of threads on this site. Note that the huge influx of riders on Zwift is stressing graphics performance. I have a 17-10750H + 1660Ti (non-Qmax…do not get Qmax) runs great at up 10K in Watopia. A week ago there were nearly 50K riders on Zwift…

Thanks Both,

The F5 definitley broadcasts, but not sure if it is Bluetooth or Ant+ if I am honest. ~I guess Bluetooth as if I connect the trainer to the watch that is definitely Bluetooth as if connected I can’t connect to Zwift. Which I painstakingly found out.

Re old Imac, the graphics seem to be similar to that of the IPad when just watching it when trying to set it all up. I’m not too fussed about quality of Graphics but if it glitches it would be a bit annoying.

I would prefer set up on the Imac at the moment, as it is convenient where set up and a bigger screen than that of the IPad. Plus when it gets relegated to the garage, the Imac can go in there. I do have a reasonably new/decent PC, but not got the room for the Bike in the same room.

Would it be as simple as adding a Ant+ dongle to the Imac as it is older will I need to update software? but It looks like I’m now on about the newest It will upgrade to which is not that new. 10.12 I think. and if I can just add an Ant+ does that mean that there would be no need to connect via Bluetooth?. If that is the case can you connect the trainer to Ant+ and something else vie Bluetooth or vice versa.

Thanks for quick replies.


The Fenix 5 broadcast HR in real-time in ANT+.

Yes, here is a link to help you choose one:

You can use both (one for HR and the other for the trrainer), but I find ANT+ more robust.

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I suspect that you’re going to struggle graphically/processing-wise on that iMac.

Cool for the price of a dongle I’ll give that a go. Failing that or the lack of graphics capabilities, I will need to get a different heart rate monitor and Ipad holder I guess.

One of the reasons I paid more than I planned on with the trainer was to try and get everything working easier and the fact that It was about the only one I could get my hands on without paying more or the same 2nd hand than new. I was concerned that the spending wouldn’t stop there.

My next issue is I’ll probably like it and want a new bike. haven’t cycled for years, but doesn’t stop you looking at bikes.

Thanks again.

Oh one last question, the wife who has never cycled in her life has been enjoying it, Can you have two profiles on one subscription or would we need a 2nd subscription?

Nail. Hammer. Head. The spending will not stop there! New bike. Then new computer. Then more better fans. You’ll want the trainer desk. Then a bike for the spousal unit…

She can ride on your account but all of the activities will be yours. This is good for ramping up the Xpoints but not so good for her. You’ll need to get her an account for her rides to be logged separately. This is a feature request that’s been the request box for as long as I’ve been on Zwift.

Haha, One of the main reasons I stopped riding in the past was I kept wanting a new bike.

My wife wont worry too much about not having her own account, it will be me not liking it as I like stats and figures to help motivate me, so I wont get an accurate amount of time and distance etc. Although she is fitter than me so I might make me look a little fitter and faster than I am, Although it might be funny to she her trying to rider climbs with my weight programmed in.


Thought I might do a follow up,

Just got the ANt+ dongle and put that in the Imac, and everything connected just fine. Graphics wise it seems the Imac is coping, but I haven’t seen how much better the graphics are on any other machine, but it is a comparable to the Ipad, the writing is a little more blurry like I could do with a different resolution but readable still. Seems smooth in scenery rolling by. Some of the shadows look a little lousy, which I expect, that is where the old Mac is struggling.

But plenty usable.

Thanks for the help.

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:+1: Congrats!