How's New York? 🏙

In case you haven’t heard the BIG (apple) news, we’ve officially released a new course today, New York :apple::cityscape:

Of course, we want to hear your opinions! Any feedback or critiques are warmly welcomed. Please however place bug reports in Bugs and Support and feature requests in Feature Requests

Lets talk! :slight_smile:

I love it.

I haven’t even ridden it and I love it.

Great job! Looks smashing.

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Rode it this morning and it was very nice, the graphics are awesome. I was more impressed than I thought I would be. That bridge and riding above the park is very cool. Thanks for all your hard work.

Now that we got 5 worlds to ride in there must be something for everyone.

I wonder if the focus will now be on the in game functions. Something to change the riding experience, take Fortnite (yes I do play games) they have the same map with some small changes but what they do is roll out different ways to play the game, last season your team had to find a unicorn and deliver it to the base without getting shot, now it is capture the flag. That make it interesting.

I am sure you are thinking in that direction, and with the creativity we see in the new NYC map, I am sure something amazing is on it’s way.

You made something that could be very dull very exciting.
Thanks Zwift.


Yes Fortnite does a very great job with those! It’s interesting, we’ve had mixed feedback in the past about certain mini games within Zwift. We’ll see what comes up in this course. :wink:

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Hahah, I’d love CTF in Zwift! :smiley: I can definitely think of ways of making it work. Write it up as a feature request!

(p.s. Overwatch > Fortnite)

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did you play Gold rush on ZWIFT GPS, that was a bit of fun, but that is not what I was referring to.

I will write something up so I dont get this thread off track.

NYC Look awesome - That is my point.

P.s i am to old and slow to play over watch. LOL

Rode 30km on a 2km course this morning and am doing the Bagel later tonight. Absolutely loved the graphics. Watopia is still my favourite, but really really liked what you did with NY.

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Second ever Zwift was in New York. Didn’t know about any of this futuristic stuff though, I did some outer laps and it all looked normal. Looking forward to exploring more. What I did do looked really good though.

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Here’s some actual feedback.

There’s a large variance in the time given to making a turn signal.

For example, one turn between “Horse Carriages” and “KOM Arch” (IIRC) was available for a matter of a few seconds. Another one for “Baseball Fields” was up for about a minute!

Why so inconsistent?

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Doubt this was on purpose but let me make sure.

This is the one I noticed up for ages.

The other one that flew by in a few seconds I didn’t have time to screenshot. =)

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I gotta say the NYC is so damn cool. I couldn’t wait to be done with work today to go ride the new course. Huge kudos to the Zwift team for pulling this off. These projects take so much coordination and talent to pull off, bravo!

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I love NY. Rode longest route. Cool transparent roads, flying cars and some good hills atb16 and 17%. Trees look great and loved riding at rooftop level.

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Great Job with the NYC Map! However, i didn’t see matching Strava segments for the IRL CP “big” loop. Was that done intentionally?

Great job, but for us that don’t fancy climbing… we have 3 of 10 routes to choose from :slightly_frowning_face:
When will Zwift give us as much to choose from as those love climbing?



To be honest: I took a ride on The Highline and it got quite boring after a couple of minutes. I guess I‘m no fan of that translucent road surface.

But the new map in general is awesone. Well done.

Cheers, Matz


Just completed 100km on the Astoria 8. Loved the variety on the route. Looking forward to another ride to get up on to the high roads :blush:

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Nice world but way to small to handle all the riders. I rode yesterday and the world was totally over crowded.


That’s just part of the authentic New York vibe.