How's New York? 🏙

(Yves Bouchard ('59)*Tecnica Group*) #21

NY, NY !!
Wow what a nice surprise this morning! This is such a great and fun ride (in the future). I love the climb towards downtown on the translucid path.
I love everything about it, it is a pleasant change of scenery. I guess that the more we have new ones like this the lesser the chances to go back to Richmond…LOL

Thanks Zwift:)

(Aaron Smith) #22

I like it! I like the climbing and elevation profile.

#2 world for me, behind Watopia.

(Fez Rockbottom) #23

I like the NY course for the variety that it brings to the table. One thing I did notice, but wasn’t sure about, was that occasionally I would see pedestrians that appeared to be smaller than the perspective and scale should have been compared to the rider. Not sure if anyone else has noticed smaller than normal NPCs. It is possible that I was seeing things during a hard workout however. Either way, looking forward to the Tour of New York if I can squeeze the rides in.

(Daren Chandisingh 🌱 [Vision]) #24

I noticed some areas where the asphalt is at least 12 inches above the neighbouring grass. O_o

(L Parks) #25

I did the Everything Bagel, New York City this morning. Love riding in the park but once you leave the park and get into the future of New York I think the should have taken us to Time Square, Little Italy or China Town instead of having the future thing going on.

(C lau) #26

I loved it :star_struck:
I thought I was going to slip if I stopped pedalling :sweat_smile: when climbing the ramp up into futuristic NY, but I didn’t, and the view on the way down… Wow.
great job guys!

(Mark Litts) #27

I was looking forward to the new course in NYC. I think they did a nice job on the map. I know I am a bigger rider and right now I am just trying to get the miles in and do the work. I think it would be nice to have at least one flat route in NYC. I picked a couple of routes and 5-10 grades are not a lot of fun when you weigh 300 pounds. I realize the weight is my fault but it would be nice to have at least one 7-10 miles loop with only some rollers in it. Just a suggestion from and heavier rider trying to get better. Thanks

(Russell Cruiser) #28

I did 2 hours (70Km) on the New York World today. It is by far the best World of them all - I was blown away by the glass sky-roads - awesome! I have no idea how much time and effort it must take to get something looking so beautiful, but well done to all concerned. It’s a joy to ride New York.:grinning:

(Martyn Kimberley OP [B]) #29

Cracking map and hopefully a sign of things to come out of Zwift HQ.

I like the futuristic aspect as it gives the developers a license to play and experiment. I’m not looking forward to it raining on those glass ‘sky roads’ though!

I think that Zwift should really be concentrating on pushing New York on and expanding it. Plenty of scope for further roads down to Grand Central, Madison Sq Garden & Times Sq. It might be asking too much to get all the way down to Battery Park in order to see Lady Liberty although we should all be pushing for this.

Watopia has almost everything. Personally i’m all about the climbing but i think there is a need for a coastal flat route that the TT crowd would appreciate.

So where are we now on the platform?
Watopia, an imaginary world with ‘almost’ everything and designers having free reign with creativity.
New York, a vision of the future with developers having lots of options with how to expand.
London, possibly at it’s limit of expansion. Depends on the tie in with PRL100
Innsbruck, again depending on the tie in with UCI it is likely to be restricted in terms of expansion.
Richmond, like the annoying cousin that not many of the family like!

(David Griscom YCW) #30

I finally got around to riding it today (outdoor riding always comes first). I think they have done a nice job. The futuristic theme caught me off guard at first but I think its works and make the course unique. I dont care so much for the super-steep sections mainly because my smart trainer doesn’t handle them well. I did find the course a bit crowded and I am still hoping world selection is coming soon. It is great to see Zwift picking up the pace of offering new roads. They are on a roll

(i van) #31

The other thing I’d like to add is the creative liberties that the map designers took. The futuristic part of the course has to be one of my favorite parts of Zwift. Where else can you ride in a space age glass tunnel with flying cars above you?! I’m excited to see what else the team has up their sleeves in the future!

(Seb ten Cate) #32

I noticed a couple of times riders who seemed to come out of the bushes, cross the road and disappear into the bushes on the other side. This only happend on ground level.

( Double A) #33

Love the NYC map. Beautiful! Great KoM. But, @Eric, @Jon, really? :blush:


(Dan Dube) #34

love NY so far! great variety, and i am personally a fan of having a lot of choices for turning. also, i seem to be riding stronger there – maybe because of newness, maybe because of routing choices.

a couple things:

  • just below the start of the KOM, i saw tree branches sticking through the clear road
  • just after the main start gate, there is a “right turn” signal on my bum for a while, but there isn’t actually anywhere to turn
  • at the top of the KOM, there is a route (that you can see on the map) that doesn’t appear to be accessible. is this a teaser, or something else?

(Tolga Sarac) #35

I did NYC course today. During the whole 90 minutes drafting didn’t work.

(Daren Chandisingh 🌱 [Vision]) #36

Were you on the TT bike or doing a workout? Neither have drafting.

(Vincent W.) #37

We can add certain segments, our team is looking into it.

(I Basso) #38

I like the glass road grapics, but it’s 16% is way too steep for me. And I dont like cycling in the city in real and virtual life, so watopia is the only map I like in zwift.

Hope some grouprides are quickly done in NYC and return to watopia, otherwise it’s gonna be a lonely winter in zwift world 1 for me.

I’m sorry, just a bit bored. So many great options for new routes - marmotte, nove colli, amstel gold, lbl - and what do we get/have? Cities…

(Kim Slocum) #39

After the mess of Innsbruck (no way to avoid at least on 8 degree hill—no routes really rideable by normal cyclists, I was excited when I learned about New York. I assumed we’d get a couple of fairly flat routes to go with the ones that appear in the Richmond, Watopia, and London courses. Much to my shock and disappointment, the “flat” NY route is actually steeper than Innsbruck. How could you folks manage to mess this up? Can.We, PLEASE. Have . At. Least. One.FLAT. Route. In. Each.Zwift, World???

(Maarten Geijsberts) #40

Love NY, especially because it isn’t flat surrounded by a nice view and sometimes even challenging when riding in a group. Living in the Netherlands it’s nice to use my gears a bit more. But I understand some parts of the discussion. After NY, London, Innsbruck and Richmond, Watopia is the only one not situated in a city. Maybe it would be an idea to create a world/route situated in a countrylike setting with some flat pieces. Riding through fields, forests, etc. would be a nice change (I’m well aware that NY has 90% trees and the buildings on the horizon, but for me it’s still riding in a city…).