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How can I get support from Zwift ? Will I get any feedback here ? This is a test to find out …

What issues are you having that you need support for?

The users and Zwift support might be able to assist you here.

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Help with the companion app.
I rarely get it connected and if I do, it drops out.

Joining friends who are Zwifting - never been able to do it.
I get a random list of people I don’t know, never people I do even though the system tells me they are riding.

All teething troubles but I just can’t get any help.

My gears don’t work on Wattbike Atom since the last update

The connection between the Zwift App the ZCA is done over your local network. You could try putting your phone in Airplane mode and just having WiFi enabled while having Cell turned off.

@Gerrie_Delport_ODZ might be more qualified to answer that one when he has time.

Thanks for the tip.

If I switch airplane mode on, then wifi, BT and phone all get closed so I’m puzzled as to how that would help, if I’m supposed to be connected to the wifi.
My PC has wifi switched off since it is hardwired to the router.
I’ve read that they need to be on the same network but not that they both need to be on wifi.
Maybe they do.
Although today I tried every combination of connection I could think off and still I get no game mode on my phone.

I gave up with the tech and built a stand so that my PC is just infront of my handlebars thus negating the need to control things from the companion.
Chat is then not available but that’s not much of a loss.

If someone from Zwift would be able to share the diagram that shows what is supposed to connect to what, that would really be something, but I get nothing.
After reading some of the basic issues people have on the forums I can see that there really is little help from Zwift for anyone.
Too busy counting the stacks I expect.

You would turn those on. The main point is that Cell needs to be OFF.

No, one can be wired and the other wireless and it will work just fine, that is how I have been using it for years.

How would a diagram be helpful, the connection is just done over your local network.

What is the device you are running the ZCA on?

Hi Paul.
I’m not sure what is supposed to connect to what.
I have HRM, Wahoo Kickr, Wahoo cadence and speed monitors.
These connect to my Win 10 PC via an Ant+ dongle. Very stable and quick.
My PC is hardwired direct to my router.
So what I would find from a diagram is what my Samsung Galaxy running Android 10 actually needs to connect to.
It says the same LAN as the PC but is it connecting to the PC and the sensors ; the PC alone; or does it conect to the Zwift server and get the info from there.

The Zwift app is the latest as is the Companion app.

I could have a BT conflict somewhere but I’m using Ant+ so perhaps not.

My phone connects to the internet, Youtube, WhatsApp etc. via the wifi so there’s no connection issue there.

It has decided to start working today.
So either I’ve set something different or someone else has :man_shrugging::rofl::rofl: