How to setup Elite Direto

I use a PC and Android phone with both Bluetooth and ANT+.

I do this, to set things up first time:

  1. Download Elite MyEtraining app, go to Parameters choose Direto under Configuration. Make sure you get a green symbol with a number address under “Update in progress” before you choose next (Pedal if it says pedal). If you have external power and cadence sensor and want to use the Elite app answer yes. Type in circumference here or use default and go to Advanced configuration menu an input your wheel circumference in mm either you measure the outside of your wheel or go to below bikecalc link. This will make you go same seed in Zwift as in reality. Also see Elite forum link below for more information and details on Circumference.

  1. Start pedal for 5-10 minutes to warm up the Direto. Do an Trainer calibration in the App and note the value that comes up. (It should be the same as written under your Elite or within one to three numbers difference, I would not try to calibrate the Direto myself). If it differ to much, contact Elite support.

  2. Do Power Smoothing and either take the default number (2) that comes up if you are in relatively good bike form. Power smoothing is handy in training sessions with ERG mode and when there is rapid power changes to delay things for you.

  3. Pair as a Controllable to get resistance feedback. Elite cadence sensor is not good under very low cadence (even say so in the manual)  so if you have your own, use that instead. Also if you have your own Power Meter I would use that. If not, use the Elite power meter, never had any issues with it and all tests say very accurate.

  4. After this I calibrate once every month and so far ±3 so I could probably do it less.


Happy riding!

Hi All.


After about 6 hours of pi$$ing about I’ve got a hit list of things to do for connecting the Elite Direto to a Windows 10 PC via Ant+ . I’ve also managed to get it working with Zwift. Hopefully the following will help save others a load of time.




Garmin Ant+ stick


USB Signal amplification cable (so you can place the stick as close as possible to the trainer)


Garmin Chest Strap




I used the following Intel tool to check all drivers on my PC were up to date. I’m using a new Coffee Lake CPU with integrated HD graphics. I found out the hard way that it’s not plug and play. I had to use the Intel tool to get it to work ( or Zwift wouldn’t even launch).


And I also had to install Garmin drivers for the Ant+ Stick.


First I used the Elite MyETraining app on my phone to set up (with Bluetooth). You need to pedal then follow the steps selecting the Direto then not adding any additional sensors, just the trainer.


Using my PC and still pedalling the lights would come on and then the PC would see it. The Green LED (Ant+ status) would stop blinking and remain constant. It was then simple to add the HR strap.


While trying various things to get it to work I had different apps open on my PC. More than one app, ie ‘Elite MyETraining’ app and Zwift at the same time - even though I wasn’t using one of them stopped the trainer working. So only one app at a time.


A few times I tried reinstalling the Garmin Drivers app on the PC, this seemed to work. Although I’m not sure if that was really doing anything or just a coincidence. (My head was spinning at this point !)


I’m very disappointed that Elite could have a clearer setup guide with some sort of troubleshooting.


Good luck setting up  !

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