Calibration - Elite Direto X

How do I calibrate my trainer using my iPhone? It’s an Elite Direto X

Warm up on zwift for 10 minutes.

On the pairing screen in zwift, next to the power meter icon, once your trainer is selected (make sure you select it as controllable too) there should be a spammer/wrench icon. If there isn’t one try the next paragraph below. Click that spanned for the spindown calibration. It will tell you to pedal up to 37 km/h and then tell you to stop pedalling when you reach it.

the Other option is download the elite app (if you can find it, I’m not sure what it’s called) and use there calibration tool in the app.

The spindown data/calibration is remembered on the trainer.

What pairing screen?

If you are using the zwift app on your phone (not the companion app) then the pairing screen should come up in the following situations:

  • When to u start the app, and have to select speed sensor or power (maybe it doesn’t do this each time for you?) select your devices etc it says “paired devices” at the top

  • In the game riding around you click menu, then in the menu click “pair” on the right hand side.

At least that’s how it works on iPad and MacBook.

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‘Pairing’ isn’t an option

I think I’ve done it now. It took about 3 seconds. Trainer feels the same, ie not very realistic and keeps changing resistance significantly without explanation.

Shame there’s no instructions provided with Zwift as it’s not very clear if it’s all working properly or not.

You need to calibrate it in the Elite app first. Then you can use the spin down calibration in Zwift.