Direto with Zwift

In the Direto manual, it states that if you’re using a 3rd party device or app, to set the wheel circumfrence as the actual wheel circumfrence, divided by 12.1. Does anyone know if this applies to using the trainer in zwift? I only intend to use zwift.

Hi @William_Terry1 welcome to Zwift forums.

You may find this support hub article useful in pairing your Elite Direto to Zwift.

Speaking of wheel circumference: what type of bike do you have? Road / MTB / gravel? Or something else? How many gears does it have on the back wheel?

It would help us to answer your question is to know what computer / tablet / smartphone operating system you plan to use to run the game app. This is because nearly all devices will support Bluetooth pairing, while only a few have built-in support ANT+ pairing.

Also: do you have other sensors you’re planning on using? A heart rate monitor, or additional cadence / power sensors attached to your bike?

I will also use a wahoo tickr HRM. I’ll be running Zwift on a Windows 10 laptop with an Ant+ USB dongle. I’m using a road bike with 700C wheels, and have a 2x10 gearing with an 11 - 25 cassette. I will see how the inbuilt cadence works initially, but I also have a wahoo cadence sensor on another bike that I might end up using.

Thanks for filling out the blanks. Considering you have an ANT+ dongle, I’d suggest you pair to the ANT+ signals from the Direto rather than the Bluetooth (aka BLE)

Regarding your original question about the wheel circumference, I don’t think you need to worry about it. Per this bit from the Direto owner’s manual
Image 001
Zwift is able to read cadence and speed data from your trainer as separate streams of information, so I don’t think this bit applies.

Some devices will broadcast speed+cadence in one stream, such as those two-in-one sensors that attach to your chainstay and read both wheel speed and crank rotation with magnets. The Zwift app can read those kinds of sensors as well, but with the Direto, that shouldn’t be necessary.

I would not suggest you attach a second set of speed & cadence sensors to this bike incidentally. I’d recommend you pair to all the in-built sensors on the Direto to keep your setup as simple as possible.

just set it as whatever it is in mm.
i have mine set to 2105 (700x25C) and my speed/power etc. is all perfect in zwift (compared to outdoor data)