Cannot connect to Elite Direto Zwift in laptop without Companion via Bluetooth

Is the Companion mandatory to use along the laptop, I’m new user and found that only way for Zwift to find Elite Direto via BT is to launch Companion along, BT enabled in phone as well. I found this strange, but OK get connected this way
But then another problem remains that Zwift does not change resistance in Direto, it remains all the time on the lightest resistance, no matter trying hills or FTP tests.
I’ve spent already few evenings browsing forums, seen many similar questions but no real concrete help. I have being reseting all devices dozens of times, using different laptops and phones (all Windows 10/Androids)

Just got thinking could this peculiar Companion in-between perhaps losing commands from Zwift to Direto?
I do see cadence and Watts so other direction works. Direto also works perfectly with its own MyTraining SW and resistance can be increased with no issues using BT.

If your laptop is a Windows machine (not Mac), then yes you have to use the Companion app to pair BT devices. Otherwise, you need to purchase an ANT+ dongle. You will need to fire up Zwift. On your phone, make sure that bluetooth is enabled. When you get to the pairing screen in Zwift, open the Companion App.

At this point, I’m not sure what you’ll see since I do not use Windows or pairing via the Companion app. That said, you should be able to see and pair all of your devices (i.e., power, cadence, HRM, controllable trainer).

As for your resistance, make sure the Direto is paired as the “Controllable Trainer”.

The Companion app acts as a bridge between your BT devices and your laptop. As such, it needs to be on the same WiFi network as your computer. That is how it relays the information from your BT devices to Zwift. —BT—<CompanionApp/phone>—WiFi—<laptop/Zwift>

A quick Google returned the following:

Zwift Bluetooth Pairing

Good luck! :grinning:

After I while had time to put here, but now it’s even worse, this time I cannot anymore see trainer at all with or without companion

I had read above, but really getting frustrated as getting worse. After some 30 minutes trial I noted in Zwift top right corner setting button which I do not recall was here weeks ago. initially it had Companion selected but as had not found anything switched to BETA: use build in BT

Now finally I got BT icon blinking, but still with BT on/off tried in laptop and mobile it does not find Direto trainer

From above I did not get what Wifi had to do between laptop and phone, I cannot understand how Wifi could connect them. Even earlier one I got Direto sensoers visible in Zwift I did not pair anything on WiFi and without user permission cannot happen.

So can you first explain which radios (Wifi and/or BT) I should have open a) in laptop b)in phone?
normally in my garage I cannot use wifi for internet due to poor connection but need to share my phone internet, which turns OFF wifi from phone side.

Did not give up but continued, so reinstalled both laptop/companion SW and was able to choose back in zwift menu the Companion option, so got once again connected, where BT off in laptop, phone internet shared to laptop and BT on, so back in starting position. so still the Direto is in idle resistance, so have I totally misinterpreted how Zwift works, shouldn’t it somewhat set some basic resistance? in riding I see speed changes per slope or when drafting, in FTP it just says more watts but in idle not so easy, if in FTP or internval mode I increase incline it has no effect.

So how should I get Zwift to impact Direto resistance to simulate hills, draft and everything which I though Zwift was about please? Trainer is OK as Elite own SW controls it fine and I can get max resistance stopping me at least totally;)

There was an update recently that added beta support for native Bluetooth in Windows. It may or may not work. After all, it is beta.

To get the resistance simulation for hills and such, you have to pair the Direto as both the “Power” and “Controllable” there on the pairing screen.

The direto works well with ant+ adaptors. They are cheap and just work. I don’t see why you would muck around with Bluetooth when a better solution exists.

As I a final verdict, I just gave up with the bluetooth and bought Ant+ dongle, yes it works perfectly and was a cheap 15€ investment to get it working.