Trial limits and laptops and iOS

I’ve borrowed a Elite Direto from a friend to see if indoor training and zwift was something for me. So far the experience hasn’t been fantastic and I’ve ran into several issues.

First I tried to get the laptop (Win10) to work. I connected just fine using BT and Elite:s own program. Moved over to zwift, did not work at all. After a while I realised Zwift needed the companion app for some reason so I tried using that. After a very frustrating experience with disconnecting and rebooting everything several times I finally got the connection running, only to not having the avatar move at all when I tried to ride. The cadence meter moved, but not watts. Gave up. To be clear, I NEED the companion app? Even though the option to connect directly via bluetooth is present in the interface? Granted, I seem to have a faulty built-in BT connector in the laptop but I’ve disabled that and been using a BT dongle that works fine for the Elite app.

I then moved over to my kids iPad Air 2 and that worked much better. Everything connects. Did a ramp test and tried a ride the next day but after a while it started to run down the km:s - 10 to go, 9, and so on. I read if you start via iOS I’ll only get 25 km BUT I did register via laptop and got it running there so I thought the 7 days was what applied? When I got down to 0 km and “trial expired” the avatar didn’t stop, I could still ride and it seemed to work and register watts and distance. What’s the deal? I tried searching but most information I find is a few years old now. Can I ride again tomorrow when I got some free time to try a structured workout?

The Zwift Companion App is not needed unless you need to bridge the Bluetooth to the PC. Is the Bluetooth dongle 4.0 or above. I would recommend an ANT+ dongle, it is much more stable in my opinion.

Here is a FAQ on the Zwift Trial:

Have to double-check the dongle! Thanks for the tip. If I do start using indoor trainer I’ll quite probably get a ANT+ one instead. The error messages from Zwift weren’t actually helping - similar to “you don’t seem to have bluetooth activated” when I very well had and I was connecting just fine using “My E-Training”…

The FAQ is actually pretty ambiguous on what exactly happen if you mix devices, it “absolutely!” works according to it but I can’t see anything about if I have 7 days on iOS even without clicking “join now” - but I’ll guess I will see tonight.