I have problems to connect my trainer/laptop/iphone with Zwift. I have allready tried all the tips/tricks…

I have the follwing equipment:

  • Elite Direto
  • HP Elitebook (with Bluetooth 4.2)
  • Iphone 7 with ZML
  • Garmin Edge 820

Still when I launch Zwift on my laptop I cant pair any of the devices. Also the bluetooth icon (left upper corner) is not paired.

What to do about this?

Are the computer and the iPhone on the same WiFi network? Within the ZML under settings>Sensors do you have Bluetooth enabled?

The HP laptop having Bluetooth means nothing since the trainer cannot connect that way, it must use the ZML as a bridge.

Purchasing an ANT+ dongle and a USB extension would more then likely resolve this issue.

Hi Erwin,

I also highly recommend reading our guide:

You will not need the Garmin 820 in this scenario and make sure your devices are not paired directly to the iPhone.

The Bluetooth icon not showing up means that ZML isn’t properly paired with your laptop as well.