How to redeem 30 days free?

I didn’t visit Zwift for a long time, and got the “Level Up Faster with the Tour of Watopia” promo email with a 30 days free code. How do I redeem it?

  1. Going through the link in the email it wants to give me 14 days for free, asking for my payment data.
  2. Logging into my account and going to the promo page (membership → promotions) I can enter the code, but it asks me for payment data. After entering it (wire transfer of course, so I won’t get the surprise of not getting the trial days!) it still says I’m at my free 25km – no “code redeemed” showing up in the promo list (unlike for example for jerseys).

Chrome, without Adblock and all cookies enabled; and Edge: Won’t stick. Any ideas? Zwift official support, are you reading this?

Hi @Mark_Tsu_Mark welcome back to the Zwift community forums.

with the winback promo codes for Tour of Watopia, you do need to have an active subscription for them to renew. You’ll want to log into your account and select “join” then as you go through that process there will be a spot to enter your promo code on the last page before you confirm everything. Enter your promo code and it will take effect. Once it’s activated, if you do not wish to continue your membership past the 30 days you can simply cancel your membership and use the rest of your free time.

If you have any issues with it, please reach out to our support team, you can email us at or you can reach out to us through our support chat on just click the “contact us” button at the top of the page.