Come back to Zwift with a 14 day free trial

I received a come back to Zwift email with promo code

Follow instructions which require entering my credit card details which results in getting billed for the month immediately

Entering the promo code

Good luck trying to contact anyone - just get the automated chat box with instructions that just result in the automated chat box being displayed again.

Why invite me back and immediately make me unhappy?

Those come back with a 14-60 day free trial codes sent out around Oct '22 were supposed to be valid until 31st Jan '23.

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Just choose the answer “no this doesnt help” or whatever similar and after a few “no’s” you will get the option to email support.

@Mike_Rowe1 Thanks. I tried that, maybe need to try a few more times.

@Mike_Rowe1 That worked. Thanks, gave me option to chat, email with accounts.

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Happy to report that I received a quick, friendly and detailed reply to my email from support specialist Gerald.

He has issued a refund and activated the 14-day free subscription.

Thanks Gerald