Payment bug - double charge while on 3 month gift certificate. Refund please

I was double charged while on 3 month gift certificate and the “Zwift Chat Assistant” is worthless. Who do I contact for a refund? Thanks!

Contact Zwift support directly. The forum can’t help you with payment issues.

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I’ve tried. I’ve been waiting on their chat service for over 30 minutes with no response and the “contact us” button doesn’t take me anywhere but the chat assistant. Which is why I am here…

Type in the area of your problem to the chat bot. When it shows you a list of articles, click where it says “these don’t help” (or similar), and then it’ll take you to a form you can fill in to directly contact support.

“Awesome! We’re connecting you to one of our Community Support agents now.”
Got this message 39 minutes ago.

Don’t select the “Chat Now” button. Select “Email Us”.

I click the email button and it disappears before I can type anything. It directs me to the chat now. I appreciate your help.

Hmm, I’m getting the same thing. That’s not how it usually works. It should bring up a form.

Any help, Zwift support staff, please?




Hi Johnathan @Freighter

As for your not being able to send us an email, I wasn’t able to reproduce the issue. I was able to press the “EMAIL US” button and get the form to fill out. I wonder if we were having some temporary issues with the support site and perhaps that’s why you were having difficulty reaching us.

Anyhow, I see that you wrote in to our support team but we missed you in chat. I’m sorry about that, but I’ll get some attention on that A.S.A.P.

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Thanks mate! Any help would be appreciated. I had to jump on the bike for the WTRL TTT so after waiting 45 minutes when the advertised statement was " Zwift Chat Assistant - Our team typically responds in a few minutes" I had to run. I look forward to hearing from you all soon. Thanks!

Hi Johnathan @Freighter

You’re welcome!

We did send you a response via email to the email address associated with your Zwift account. This was sent more than 4 hours ago, so please check your email and you should see the response. Feel free to reply to that email with any questions or concerns. Thanks!

Just saw that! and the refund on my PP account. I appreciate your time. I hope you have a lovely spring and stay safe with whatever madness is going to happen. You can close the topic if you’d like. Thanks again!

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