How to load the Royal Classics workouts

How do I get the Royal Classics workouts to load? I join the event and ride along with the group but just try to keep pace. It seems like everyone else shows as doing a workout. What am I missing here? Thanks!

Hi @Ross_Vande_Wege, welcome to the forums. Can you walk us through your setup and process? What device and trainer do you use to Zwift, how are you connecting (bluetooth or ANT+), how are you signing up for the group workout, what happens when you log in and join the event, etc…

Hi Mike, thanks for the quick response and the welcome! I’m using a wahoo kickr and connecting via Bluetooth. I sign-up by going to events and clicking on the orange/white + symbol. Once I’m in the group, I see the box on the RH side that shows me my place within the group and I can ride with the group and my position changes. That said, all the other riders have the colored “workout” box in front of the handlebars… I do not. The first one I did was supposed to be a 60 minute workout but the workout never ended, until I “quit workout” after 80 minutes.

I guess I assumed that it would load a workout the same way as if I was doing a structured workout from the workout tab. I’ve done several of these successfully. Either allowing ERG mode or at least telling me what zone I should be in. Thanks for any clarification or ideas that you may have!

Also, I’m guessing you’re from Kzoo Michigan. I’m from Holland. Thanks again and ride on!

Yup, I’m in Kalamazoo!

I’m wondering if it was just a bug, because it sounds like you did everything correctly. Theoretically once you join the group workout it should work as any normal workout does. I don’t participate in group workouts, I don’t like the rubber banding effect in the large groups, so I have only done it once. I suggest you try again and see if the experience is different.

Join using the companion app, then log into the game and start a ride. Once the “join” button appears in the lower left of the screen, join the workout and see what happens. If you have the same result, then something else is going on.

Love Holland too, hopefully the Bike MS ride will still take place this June at Hope College. I ride in it every year, great roads out there!


Thanks Mike, it is helpful to know that I am not doing anything obviously wrong :slight_smile:

I will give it a try in the next few days and report back. I agree, the rubber banding effect was a bit of a distraction from the actual riding. Fingers crossed that some of these bike rides and other races will actually get to happen this Summer!

no idea if this is the issue, but is your software up to date?

Thanks for jumping in Sven. My software is up to date. From looking at other threads, it appears that it may be because it is a work laptop. Other people have had issues with their work laptop not properly loading the group workout… I found this old thread but have not had a chance to try it yet. I’m hopeful this resolves the issue.

It is from 2.5 years ago. Anyone have any recent experiences? Thanks!

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For what it’s worth, I had the exact same issue that Ross described with today’s Ardennes Women’s workout. This was my first Royal Classic workout so at first I thought I had misunderstood the description but then noticed other riders around me with the workout screens. I had just updated Zwift before the workout and I’ve done other group workouts successfully in the past.