How to give 'Ride On' During a Ride in ATV and Zwift Companion

As a Zwifter not so smart enough, I felt difficulty to finding ‘how to give Ride On’ during a ride, especially with ATV.

Below is what’s in Support page
Title: Giving a Ride On During a Ride’s-(cycling)-ryg6xA1WSQ

You can also use the Zwift Companion app to do the same or even send Ride On’s to multiple Zwifters at once!

–> But How? This page does not show ‘how’

The answer is written in below page. (Only for multiple ‘Ride On’)

I’d like to suggest to merge two web pages in one so that new comer understand easily.

One more suggestion on giving ‘ride on’ with ATV using bottom bar could be use the ‘ride on’ button for just to give multiple ‘ride on’ nearby, not just for shouting ‘ride on’.
Currently it’s very difficult even in computer to select a right Zwifter when there’s many and fast changing its position.