How to define the PC drive location for Zwift updates

Dear zwift team,

my C: drive on my PC is full and I have installed Zwift now on the D: drive. BUT updates are automatically downloaded to the C: drive. BUT this is full and there is no more space.

Can I choose D: somewhere in the options?

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What Windows OS are you running?

I would recommend freeing some space on the C: drive since having it full or near full will cause major issues.

And installation on D: is not possible?

Having the C: drive fully or extremely near full will cause issue, not just with Zwift but all other programs as well. It can even cause your PC to shutdown.

If I know the OS I can probably send you instructions to clean it up (remove unneeded Windows Updates files for one).

I also don’t think you can install Zwift on alternative paths.

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You might be able to move non operating system files over onto a standalone hard drive, be it portable or powered.

By non OS I mean any multimedia, Photo’s, Video’s etc.

You could try right clicking on C drive, Properties and, in the middle of what you see, there should be a “Disk Cleanup” button.

If you click this, it will open another small dialogue box and show you what old installation files there might be, as well as Temp internet files, Direct shared cache and other items that might free up some Hard Drive memory.

Your only other option would be to clone your current hard drive and upgrade your current hard drive to something larger. (Pretty straight forward on a desktop. A bit more dismantling involved if a laptop).

Also, if going down the external hard drive route, don’t let these become 100% full, as I’ve had them lock up on me in the past. So I only fill to about 90% now.