Win 10 Install locations

I have a question about the install directory on Windows 10. It looks like Zwift was installed in the \Program Files (x86) directory on my Windows 10 PC, the shortcut on my desktop is pointed there. But there was also a Zwift directory created in the Downloads directory that contains over 1GB of files. Can the Zwift directory in the Downloads location be deleted? Is it just files used for the install process? If they aren’t needed after install it would be nice to get rid of them.



You have to keep that folder. One reason is that is where you can put downloaded custom workouts.

Are you talking about Downloads or Documents?

There should not be a Zwift folder in Downloads, but if there is one in Documents it is needed.

Yeah I meant the Documents folder. I misread what the OP said. He can definitely delete the folder in the downloads section.

Never mind, it does look like there is a folder in Downloads.

Yes, I have three folders: Program Files, Downloads, and Documents.

Sounds like I can delete the folder in Downloads.

Thanks for your help!

I don’t think you should delete that one.

I just checked mine out and there is no folder in downloads, only in documents and /Program Files x86.

This is what my Downloads/Zwift folder looks like:

What version of the operating system are you using? It is strange that I have no such folder in /Downloads. I have the latest version of windows 10.

I have Windows 10 x64 1903 (Build 18362)

The assets folder and the others shown in your SS and found in Program files x86 include the ones in your download folder but there are many others. My guess would be that they are files that were replaced with new ones in a recent update perhaps and may be deleted without problems.

I’m only guessing though. I hope it is only a weird little bug that only shows up under certain circumstances.

Maybe, I could delete them from this computer since it is not my Zwifting computer for test purposes (but I would have to stop mining :frowning:)

I had one in Downloads.


Deleted it:


Ran Zwift:

It created a new folder in Downloads:


Updated then Zwift deleted the folder again and ran just fine:

Conclusion: it’s temporary for updates and you can delete it if Zwift hasn’t cleaned up after itself.


Thank you for the very thorough reply!